Homeschool Attendance

Homeschool is hard, tracking attendance shouldn't be!

Supports Tracking Days or Hours

This iPhone, iPad app was designed from the ground up to make homeschool attendance tracking as quick and easy for the teacher as possible.

Today View Widget

We've created a Today View Widget so you don't even have to open the app to enter your attendance. Pretty Fast!

Quickly Record Attendance for Today

Simply toggle daily students as here or not here. For hourly students, press the + - buttons.

Homeschool Attendance Today

Attendance View

The Attendance view shows you where all your students stand at a glance.

A Week at a Glance

You can see an entire week's worth of attendance. Quickly switch between days by tapping the weekday buttons on the top. Go back or forward in time with the < and > buttons.

Attendance Progress

Each student has their own progress bar indicating how close they are to meeting their attendance target for the school year. Also, if any student is falling short of their attendance goal, a warning flag will be displayed so you'll know right away if you need to make adjustments.

Create Notes

Did you go to the museum? Was your child ill? Record attendance related notes here for your records.

Track Attendance With a Swipe of the Finger

Simply move the toggle button to mark daily students as present. Slide the hour slider for hourly students.

Homeschool Attendance, Attendance View

Calendar View

The Calendar View will give you a year's perspective of your student's attendance.

Update Attendance Records

You can navigate to any day of the year to update attendance records. Very convienent if you purchase this app in the middle of the school year.

Attendance Metrics

See how many days or hours your student must complete to reach their attendance target for the school year. Also see how many school days and calendar days are remainging for the school year.

Homeschool Attendance, Attendance Calendar View


Homeschool Attendance provides multiple reporting options.

Calendar Report

The Calendar report is designed to be compact. An entire year can fit on one sheet. The total attendance, days or hours, is calculated for the school year as well as monthly tallies.

Detail Report

The Detail report contains all attendance days or hours as well as notes you have entered for the school year.

CSV Report (Spread Sheet)

The CSV report outputs the attendance data for a student in a format easily imported into spreadsheets such as Numbers® and Excel®

Homeschool Attendance Report Settings

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